a collection of notes i've written over time, mostly for myself. works under writing are original, my notes a mix of thoughts with quotes from the artwork subject of the note.

own writing

· on numbers, oct 2023

· after cinema, aug 2023

· on cinema, oct 2022

· on ai, ongoing



· the beginning of infinity, david deutsch

· desierto sonoro, valeria luiselli

· llano en llamas, juan rulfo

· recuerdos del porvenir, elena garro

· laberinto de la soledad, octavio paz

· hitchhicker's guide to the galaxy, douglas adams

· amor en los tiempos del colera, gabriel garcía márquez

· homo deus, yuval noah harari

· salvar el fuego, guillermo arriaga

· a movable feast, ernest hemingway

· ride of a lifetime, bob iger

· sin querer queriendo, roberto gómez bolaños


· paragraphs on conceptual art, sol lewitt

· discrete image, bernard stielger

· how to do philosophy, paul graham

· taste and design, paul graham

· aristotle invented the computer, chris dixon

· to firmly drive common prosperity, xi jinping

· how the enlightment ends, henry kissinger

· the question concerning technology, martin heidegger

· people aren't meant to talk this much, ian bogost


· century of the self, adam curtis

· hitchcock vs hitchcock, andré bazin

· why marvel movies aren't cinema, martin scorsese

· succession, jesse armstrong

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writing keeps ideas in space

speech lets them travel in time

we use paintings to decorate space

and music to decorate time

find the way by moonlight

see the dawn before

the rest of the world

unconscious time, no peace of mind,

falling in space but still alive.

sketching the future in a single line,

everything's spinning, cannot sit down.

moments in space, places in time,

thoughts penciled in, now come to life.

As of today, no one knows how to translate paintings, flowers or music into language. Their beauty is implicit and exclusive to their form, which is why it's so hard to explain how a particular piece of art makes us feel.

quotes i like

"the limits of my language are the limits of my world."

· ludwig wittgenstein

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«algún día recordaremos, recordaremos», se decía con la seguridad de que el origen de la fiesta, como todos los gestos del hombre, existía intacto en el tiempo y que bastaba un esfuerzo, un querer ver, para leer en el tiempo la historia del tiempo.

· elena garro, recuerdos del porvenir

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"all of us believed fanatically that an airplane that looked beautiful would fly the same way."

· ben rich, skunk works

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god knows life is chaos, but he made one thing true:

you gotta unwind your mind, train your soul to align,

and dance 'til you find that divine boogaloo.

· jim, phantom regret

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"a crowd exists as long as it has an unattained goal."

· elias canetti

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"my pencil and I are more clever than I."

· albert einstein

"the idea becomes a machine that makes the art."

· sol lewitt, paragraphs on conceptual art

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steal all the clocks and watches

in the world.

destroy them.

· yoko ono, clock piece

we look at the world once, in childhood.

the rest is memory.

· louise glück, nosotros, meadowlands

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"in the end, stories are about one person saying to another: this is the way it feels to me. can you understand what i'm saying? does it feel this way to you too?"

· kazuo ishiguro, nobel acceptance speech

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"everything, everywhere, is always moving, forever. get used to it."